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Idalet and Erica

2006. Kundalini Release. Sensual figurative art.

2006. Kundalini Release. Sensual figurative art.

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Kundalini Release is one of a set of four sensual figurative art paintings with silver detail.

This painting relates to yoga, which uses the entire body to reach a meditative state for the release of energies located in the spinal cord. Tantra yoga is a refinement of earlier shamanic practices and concerns itself with transforming the base level energy into the higher levels of consciousness. Consciousness is altered by the awakening and directing of kundalini, a normally dormant psychic force and a reserve of spiritual power. This force is from the base of the spine and ascends along a channel within the spinal cord. It breaks through at the crown of the head, which is the doorway to cosmic consciousness. This energy resembles an electrical impulse which can be triggered by the human mind in certain stages of meditation. The snake in this painting brings to mind this psychic force and relates to the practice of maithuna, which is a tantric technique.

Materials: acrylic/canvas

Size: 90 cm (h) x 120 cm (w)  x 5 cm (d)

Year: 2006

Status: For Sale

Signature: Included

Certificate: Included

Condition: Excellent

Weight: 2,5 kg. Exported as a rolled canvas, without stretcher bars- default for shipping.

Weight: 10,8 kg. Wrapped canvas over a stretcher bar - default for collection.

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