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Masterful Artist: Idalet

Idalet Masterful SA Fine Artist

Idalet, a prolific art creator from South Africa, had exhibitions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Köln, Frankfurt, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Paris.

Large decorating companies and hotels invited her, this talented fine artist in South Africa, for solo exhibitions in Jordan, Bremen, Ibiza, Luxembourg and Köln. Rosenthal AG also requested her inspiring designs for the reproduction on their porcelain.

Hotel groups, large decorating firms and private collectors purchased her exceptional artistry from countries which included Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, America, England, Luxembourg, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and Spain.

T.V. programmes in South Africa and Germany  also interviewed this skillful artisan.

This versatile creative genius mainly used Winsor and Newton acrylic paint for all her fine art. Winsor and Newton states that 96% of the colours in their Professional Watercolour range are 'permanent for artists' use' meaning the colours used will appear the same for generations to come.

At the age of 45 years, Idalet, a masterful artist, tragically and very unexpectantly, died due to a pulmonary embolism.

Less than 10% of these masterpieces are still available to purchase and a part of the proceeds and royalties is paid to Idalet's son.

(Idalet Emmerentia Haasbroek Pauw 1962 - 2008).


Marketing and Design: Erica 

Erica Défine Art by Idalet and Erica

Erica's direct involvement with Idalet's art started in the new millennium after buying her first two paintings from Idalet. Thereafter, she freely assisted Idalet with her national and international exhibitions. In 2003, Erica became involved with Idalet's art on a full time basis by setting up a home gallery, a picture framing business and a limited edition large format canvas printing business.

After continuous efforts over 13 years with different e-commerce platforms, she developed and published this e-commerce website. The biggest obstacles were listing in South African Rand together with different foreign currencies; conveying the scale differences of the artworks; and portraying the total extent of Idalet's exceptionally creative, artistic talent.

An e-book consisting of five volumes were published by Erica with a concise and insightful art analysis from 1985 to 2008.

An extensive range of blank and greeting cards were developed and printed. Erica also meticulously designed, crafted, photographed and listed in this online gift shop, a large range of memorabilia where she produced a replica of the original image.

Social Media links are listed at the bottom of the Media Resources section: https://idaletanderica.com/a/press-kit



Heussner: Un touché exceptionnel dans les contruisies et les nuances. Il manqué toutefois lit presence vitale du blue et vert. Cependant. Beaucoup de genie artistique. (An exceptional touch of contrasts and nuances. It missed, however, the vital presence of blue and green. However, a lot of artistic genius.)

Idalet, many people paint, but a true artist is rare to find. You are an Artist, a work of art, a delight.

Every brushstroke is a masterpiece!! 


Soul Inspiring. 

Passionate use of colour. 

Bold artwork with a beautiful combination of mythology, religion and ethnicity.

A lot of artistic genius!

The paintings are exceptionally impressive and excellent!

Absolutely brilliant!!! Breathtaking!! At Last! This is Life!

A fantastic journey through wonderful worlds. What a discovery.

Your style is very impressive - it touches everything. Everything radiates warmth and peacefulness and this feeling would still affect me for a long while.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Beautiful work from a beautiful soul. 

Flamboyant, magnificent use of colour – great art.

I love the vibrancy of the work!

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