Welcome to Idalet and Erica - a contemporary fine art gallery!

An art gallery exclusively for the acclaimed South African artist, Idalet. Very beautiful fine art paintings, original African portraits, contemporary abstract art and floral artworks are for sale, including a wide range of artistic gifts and greeting cards.

Erica's involvement with Idalet's art started in the new millennium after buying her first two paintings from Idalet. For the following eight years she used her business income to sponsor Idalet's first solo exhibition and to hire professional photographers for the artworks. She freely assisted Idalet with her national and international exhibitions and supported the artist by buying her artwork and sponsoring her last international exhibition in Germany in 2006. 

In 2008, Erica was approached to take over the responsibility of selling Idalet's artwork after she tragically suffered from a fatal pulmonary embolism. After continuous efforts over 13 years with different e-commerce platforms, Erica developed and published this e-commerce website.


Idalet and Erica
  • Erica de Kok

    Graphic designer

    Erica's direct involvement with Idalet's art started in the new millennium after buying her first two paintings from Idalet. Thereafter, she freely assisted Idalet with her national and international exhibitions. In 2003, Erica became involved with Idalet's art on a full time basis by setting up a home gallery, a picture framing business and a limited edition large format canvas printing business.

  • Idalet E Haasbroek Pauw

    Masterful artist

    Idalet, a prolific art creator from South Africa, had exhibitions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Köln, Frankfurt, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Paris.


    Extracts from Idalet's Home Gallery Visitors Book

    Idalet, baie mense verf maar ware kunstenaars is skaarser. (Idalet, many people paint, but a true artist is rare to find).You are an Artist, a work of art, a delight. I love the direction your artwork has taken. Thanks for sharing.


    Jou ‘touch’ is baie indrukwekkend – dit loop deur die hele plek. Die warmte en rustigheid wat alles uitstraal sal my nog lank bybly. Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike ondervinding. (Your style is very impressive - it touches everything. Everything radiates warmth and peacefulness and this feeling would still affect me for a long while. Thank you for a wonderful experience.)


    Un touché exceptionnel dans les contruisies et les nuances. Il manqué toutefois lit presence vitale du blue et vert. Cependant. Beaucoup de genie artistique. (An exceptional touch of contrasts and nuances. It missed, however, the vital presence of blue and green. However, a lot of artistic genius.)


    Art exhibitions

    International Contemporary Art Exhibitions


    Editor's pick. A selection of artwork of flowers; and Top 10 Action Paintings.

    Idalet. Volume I. Transpersonal contemporary art.


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