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Idalet and Erica

2007. Whirlpool. Energy Vortex. Spiritual abstract art.

2007. Whirlpool. Energy Vortex. Spiritual abstract art.

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A whirling energy vortex relating to an altered state of awareness, spiritual abstract art, through pulling one into a tunnel of white light.

This clay- colour may refer to the higher-self structure depicting instinct, intellect and spirit in artwork 1985 Collage B.

Materials: mixed-media/canvas

Size: 101 cm (h) x 76 cm (w)  x 4 cm (d)

Year: 2007

Status: For Sale

Signature: Not Included

Certificate: Included

Condition: Excellent

Weight: 1,92 kg. Exported as a rolled canvas, without stretcher bars- default for shipping.

Weight: 7,7 kg. Wrapped canvas over a stretcher bar - default for collection.

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