Contemporary Art Analysis by Erica de Kok

Paintings About Time. (Linear and Moon Phases)

It was just after Idalet and I completed our daily hour of piano practice, when Idalet (age 12 years) asked: "How many dimensions are there?"

As always, I immediately jumped to the answer from a maths point of view and replied: "Three: x, y and z".

Idalet replied: "That's correct, but there is another dimension: Time."

Only after spending years with the interpretation of her art did I finally understand the extent of her question about time.

Below, in her untitled artwork dated 1985 (Collage B) she may have depicted "time" as measured as four moon phases on a celestial pole.

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Contemporary Art Analysis Artist Idalet


In her abstract landscape 2007 Linear Language, 30 cm x 200 cm, mixed media on canvas, I cannot help to associate the black vertical markings with a blip, drawing the viewer's attention from left to right, perhaps to set this landscape in the passage of time. Buy abstract art from South Africa:

Contemporary Art Analysis SA Artist Idalet

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