Idalet's contemporary fine art gallery

Idalet's First Solo Art Exhibition in April 2001

In December 2000 Idalet decided to paint full time after all her paintings sold out at a joint exhibition. At the end of April 2001 she had her first solo exhibition with more than 100 paintings!

I sponsored her exhibition with a R70 000 contribution which I earned as a computer-aided designer. This paid for the art supplies, some frames, some lights, furniture for the reception area and the catering of the event. I booked a flight and rented a very small car and surprised her a few hours before the guests arrived. Idalet was totally overwhelmed when I greeted her.

Idalet Home Gallery


Idalet Home Gallery Reception


African art portraits by Idalet

Contemporary fine art paintings by Idalet

Mystical fine art paintings by Idalet

Erica de Kok Define Art

 Newspaper article on art exhibition by Idalet 2001 

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