South African artists - An impromtu large mural wall art South Africa

Idalet - An impromtu large mural wall art South Africa

Idalet was a fine art student when she was approached one Friday morning by her aunt - her aunt was the Head Dietician of the Boarding Facilities at the University of Pretoria. Idalet was asked if she would be able to paint a backdrop for a year-end event with a décor theme commemorating the Voortrekkers in South Africa. Idalet had previously decorated the hall for matric farewells as a scholar at Port Natal High School and agreed to create this backdrop for a very large double volume dining hall. After shopping for supplies, she worked alone through Friday afternoon. She painted right through Friday night until the start of the event Saturday evening. Her aunt was so impressed that she left the event preparations to fetch her camera at home and so this beautiful memory was kept alive. With current day technology a video camera would have been better to capture the entire backdrop of the hall and this impressive impromptu wall art mural. Idalet was one of the most talented South African Artists!

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