South african artists. Top Action paintings and flower abstraction

Editor's Pick of Top Flower Abstraction and Action Paintings

At the time, I did not realise the significance of Femke van Leeuwen's (The Editor) selection of artworks, until I found that Idalet's artwork was chosen from, an international platform, which hosts more than 30 000 artworks by 2000 artists. What a great accomplishment, Idalet!

A colorful selection of artworks full of flowers. 

"Throughout art history, flowers have always been a source of inspiration. In ancient Egypt, the lotus was frequently used in art to symbolize, among other things, the sun. Floral motifs were popular in the Middle Ages for various decorative arts, such as carpets. During the Renaissance, flowers were the focus of still lifes. Artists continued to be inspired by flowers; think of painters like Monet and Van Gogh in the days of Impressionism, and O'Keeffe, who saw the flower as a modern subject. Even after all those years, flowers still have the ability to fascinate us today. The artists represented by Online Gallery also offer a wide range of art with flowers. This article shows a selection of them.” - 21 April – 2020 by Femke van Leeuwen

These lily-like flowers were painted by the South African artist Idalet. She created large canvases with vibrant colors and smooth compositions. Idalet painted directly on the blank canvas, without any preparatory drawings.

Idalet. 2008. Foxtrot.  90 cm x 120 cm x 4 cm. Acrylic painting on a stretched canvas. Original art for sale South Africa:

Floral abstraction masterpiece

Top 10: Action paintings

 “Take a look at our top 10 action paintings list: the best paintings from Online Gallery artists made by splashing and/or dripping the paint.

Due to the dripping paint, this work by the South African artist Idalet Emmerentia Haasbroek Pauw playfully shows the shape of an octopus. ‘Octopus’ immediately catches the viewer's attention because of the white brushstrokes that contrast with the darker blue background. The artist always painted directly on the blank canvas, creating large canvases with vivid colors and fluid compositions.” 28 November – 2020 by Femke van Leeuwen

Idalet. 2007. Octopus. Size: 130 cm (h) x 42 cm (w)  x 4 cm (d). Abstract art for sale South Africa:

Award winning abstract expressionism art

Idalet. 2007. Pink Landscape. 90 cm x 120 cm x 4 cm. Mixed-media on a stretched canvas. Abstract art South Africa for sale online:

Award winning abstract expressionism art piece

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