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Idalet and Erica

2023. The Ethnic Struggle for Political Supremacy in SA

2023. The Ethnic Struggle for Political Supremacy in SA

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The British element in the whole of South Africa had to contend with several non-British ethnic groups.

There are so many misapprehensions about the origins of the policy of ethnic differentiation (apartheid) that this summary has become necessary. In a TV programme, e.g. the Secretary-General of the SA Council Churches still thought that apartheid was a policy which was based on racial superiority. Misunderstanding of the motives of politicians and misconception of state policies create unnecessary racial tensions, and they prevent reconciliation about past events. These misconceptions have been deliberately propagated after 1948 to generate opposition to the referendum for a South African republic. That happened at a time when numerous rebellions were waged against British colonisation in several parts of the world. The matter has also been confused and aggravated by imperialistic church policies. Yet few people realise that Christianity, Western civilisation and racial superiority were propagated to promote the imperialistic policies of colonising powers such as Britain, America, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Spain.

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