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Idalet. An art analysis e-book by Erica de Kok.

Exploring captivating esoteric topics in literature has been a transformative journey for me. Delving into piles of books, I uncovered intriguing parallels in the mystical themes depicted in the paintings of South African artist Idalet.

In Volume I of the e-book, except for the initial two artworks, readers will find concise one-paragraph summaries conveying my unique perspective on paintings that might typically go unnoticed. Four years of dedicated reading led me to profound discoveries in the book "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber, M.D. This authoritative guide on subtle energy therapies became a key source of valuable insights.

Inspired by the correlation between Idalet's artwork and my literary explorations, I decided to share brief insights on LinkedIn. The culmination of 42 profound reflections has now been encapsulated in an e-book, poised to be a timeless resource for future generations. The extensive file size of the images necessitated the division of the e-book into five volumes for optimal accessibility.

What astonished me was the recurrence of esoteric themes in Idalet's artwork throughout the years, showcasing her unparalleled levels of awareness. This revelation prompted me to personally annotate the first two artworks in the collection, adding a layer of my unique perspective.

Explore the mesmerizing connection between literature, art, and esoteric knowledge in this e-book series, offering a rich tapestry of insights into profound themes that span generations.

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