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Fine art portraiture with a difference.

In memory of the artist’s birthday, Idalet E Haasbroek Pauw (23 September 1962 – 7 June 2008), I am sharing a portrait with you. 

1985. Artist Idalet. A portrait of Erica. Part One of Two. Signed, framed 30 cm x 21 cm composite artwork on paper.

Part one of this portrait shows a profile of a face, with a four colour graph beneath it that may reflect different planes of existence. The size of the colour blocks may indicate the relative importance of the superconscious (the celestial and upper world), ego-consciousness (the middle world) and the subconscious (the lower world).

Exceptional Artistry by Idalet

The colour blocks, from left to right, may convey a descending level of consciousness where ‘Blue’ relates to a high spiritual realm; ‘Yellow’ relates to the mind realm; ‘Red’ to the physical realm and ‘Grey’ to the lower realm of causation. This correlates to the hierarchy of planes of existence as found in shamanism and the cosmic tree of Yggdrasill. Free art ebooks in pdf format:

To clarify this graph pattern, her later artwork is added below the graph (from left to right): 

2007. Déjà vu (this may represent a high spiritual realm in blue). A mixed-media abstract in silver and blue on canvas. 100 cm x 100 cm x 4 cm. Abstract art South Africa:

Abstract art consciousness exploration

2005. Solomon (this may resemble the mind realm in yellow). An acrylic painting on canvas. 100 x 100 cm x 4 cm. Original art for sale South Africa:

African art portraits

2003. Soul Season (this may reflect the physical realm in red). A framed acrylic painting on hardboard. 130 cm x 80 cm x 2 cm. Fine art nude painting for sale:

 2007. Tibet (this may relate to the lower realm of causation in grey). A mixed media abstract on canvas. 100 x 100 cm x 4 cm. Abstract art South Africa:

 Abstract art consciousness exploration


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